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Xandrox Products, Opinions?


Been doing some research on other products that i might find useful if i decide to shake my regimen up. Along with Nano, Dercos, and Nisim shampoo, proxiphen, spiro, flax linigans as other possibilities i was wondering if anyone here has any experience with any of the Xandrox products, be it 5%, 12.5%, or 15%
Anyone, ???????????
Here is what skinbiology had to say,
Xandrox is a product from Dr. Robert Lee (picture to the left) who sells various mixtures of products for hair growth at
. Xandrox is consists of 5% to 12% Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid. Avoid the version of the product with Betamethasone Valerate. The latter is a corticosteroid included to counteract the effect of the Azelaic Acid which often causes skin irritation. Azelaic Acid, which is similar to retinoic acid, is normally used to treat acne and does have hair promoting properties in combination with minoxidil. Success rates on hair growth up to 70% are claimed. The versions without corticosteroids are basically OK.
The problem with the corticosteroid version is what happens with long term use? The long term use of corticosteroids on skin inflammations is usually causes a thinning of the scalp and this may hutrt hair growth. If you want to use these types of azeliac/ retinoic acid/minoxidil combinations, copper-peptides may help to control the scalp irritation.

The problem is that a 4-pack of generic minoxidil is available for as little as $20, and azelaic acid (Xandrox's main selling point) does not have any evidence in its favor. Dr. Lee is still sold on the
in vitro Stamatiadis study from 1988, despite the absence of evidence of a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitory effect in humans. Azelaic acid is used extensively to treat acne but it has never been shown to reduce sebum, which is not a good sign.
There is a lot more evidence to support the topical use of certain unsaturated fatty acids, though I do have some reservations about their safety (not related to systemic toxicity, but local, and I haven't decided yet whether the concern is justified).
1. Stamatiadis, D., M. C. Bulteau-Portois, et al. (1988). "Inhibition of 5 alpha-reductase activity in human skin by zinc and azelaic acid." British Journal of Dermatology 119(5): 627-32.
I disagree. The main selling point of Xandrox is not the Azelaic Acid, but rather the fact that Lee sells a solution with a 15% Minoxidil concentration. I think people are drawn by the 15%, the Azelaic acid being an "oh that's nice" that comes along with the package.

That's why I think Xandrox 5 is a waste of time.
And i'll bet its the least popular of Dicky Lee's famous hair potions.
Of the people using Xandrox
15% - are you using it because Minoxidril 5% wasn't working? Or was there a different reason for making the change?

I was thinking of what distinguishes his "ordinary" minoxidil solutions from Xandrox. It may be true that most people buy 15% Xandrox with little regard to the azelaic acid.

That's why I'm on it.

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