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spearmint tea or spearmint capsules for hair loss?


My husband went bald very early in life. 4 of his 5 brothers and nephew are bald. I have two sons. Looking for help when they lose their hair which is pretty much a given. Anyway any of the men heard of spearmint to reduce androgens in the blood from getting to the hair shaft.
Capsules have more of the concentrated ingredient than the tea does. - i.e. 1 capsule can contain ~3 cups worth of the actives.
Spearmint tea has been shown to reduce Testosterone levels in men, I'm not sure what it does regarding DHT.
It all depends how they want to take it tbh - if you can get them to take a supplement, you can probably get them to try Saw Palmetto (which works similar to Fin and is more "proven" for MPB than Spearmint is),
but drinking the tea is percieved as a much more "natural" way of getting the substance.
I do drink the tea myself, can't help. Spearmint has also been recommended to "hairy women" - I've always figured, it must be inhibiting DHT to stop the body hair growing on these women, so it must do something similar in men to stop their hair falling out.
The tea I drink contains 44% peppermint, 35% spearmint, so it's not pure spearmint tea.
I'm maintaining, not regrowing.
Bear in mind I take Finasteride also.

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